The beginning… sort of.

The beginning of 2010 was anything but joyous. In the first days of the new year, my grandfather died and my brother was hospitalized for depression. I was the emotional crutch for my parents and little sister during that time. On a daily basis, I would prop my mother up and wipe away her tears. My tear ducts sealed so that I could help my family effectively. I had to be the strong one, who else was going to be?

It was a difficult time and she came to me when I needed to remember what it was like to be an ordinary teenager.  Lola is the reason I can stay strong. When my life starts to feel crushingly painful, I have her. No, she’s not my imaginary friend. Lola is me. She is simply a mechanism that I use to cope. She is the girl that is down for anything. She is fun, wild, spontaneous, weird…sexy. Any rough time I have, I use her to feel better. How do I do this? Well, I go out and decide I pretty much only say, “Yes.” In the early years of Lola, she only participated in what you would call “innocent” activities like going to the mall or parks. However, now Lola has matured and participates at nightclubs, pubs, music festivals, and basically anywhere alcohol is served. She is now what one would designate as a “drunk persona.”

I want to use this platform to share my strange, hilarious, awkward, and lovely memories with her. No, I am not creating a Lola memorial. She’s not going anywhere, I love her. I just want to create a space that acknowledges everything she does for me.



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